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Tourists have enjoyed coming to Courtown for years and spending their holiday in a mobile home or caravan. Nowadays mobile homes are generally owned by the individual families who in turn pays a site fee/ground rent each year. Mobile Homes can be bought on – site at any of the mobile home parks but you may need to wait as sites are not always available.

Renting a mobile home may not always be possible as the terms and conditions of many of the parks are that they do not allow "Sub-Letting". This policy came about with many of the parks in order to maintain a good family atmosphere as people get to know their neighbours and a community spirit gets built up.

We would suggeting contact the owners of the parks themselves and seeing if they can help you directly as there maybe exceptions under certain circumstances. 

A List of most of the parks is available under the "Accommodation" -> "Mobile Home Parks" menu at the top of this page.

Hope this helps!

self catering

Since the early 2000's Courtown has been able to offer an outstanding selection of self catering holiday apartments and houses located in the heart of the village and surrounding area. 

All offer great facilties and there are two, three and four bedroom houses and apartments for you to choose from. Some are operated by large self catering companies and others are privately rented out.

Use the menu system, Accommodation -> Self Catering to see a list of the ones we could find in the area.

(If you are an operator and would like to get listed please just get in touch and we will list your standard details for free)


There are two hotels in the village of Courtown, The Taravie hotel and The Courtown Hotel.

In nearby Gorey you will find the recently built Ashdown Park Hotel , The Amber Springs Hotel and the luxurious Marlfield House. The Hotels extend a warm and friendly welcome to all their guests and offer them every amenity.


Many of the guest houses in the locality are wonderful houses steeped in history and offer modern and very pleasant surroundings.

bed and breakfasts

Courtown Harbour and surrounding areas has a wealth of wonderful bed & breakfasts for you to choose from. Most bed & breakfasts are located within easy reach of the town centre and the beach, while others provide a more relaxing rural atmosphere, while still being close to the main Courtown area. 

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