Courtown Community Council

Are a small committee representing all the groups of the parish doing their best to work together for the good of our area. The unseen work includes planning clearance, deputation's and applications for grants and ongoing fund raising work. If you can help us at all please contact any of the committee members and we'll have a job for you!

The area covered by this body includes

  • Ardamine up to Poulshone Cross
  • The beach
  • The villages of Riverchapel
  • Courtown Harbour
  • The Middletown and Ballinatray roads
  • Entrance roads to Courtown

Their Mission Statement

Our Mission and Objectives

The aim of Courtown Community Council is to represent the general community and all its local organizations in the local area of common interest or concern.

To give Courtown back it's original identity as a Family Holiday Resort and to enhance its amenity potential for both residents and visitors.


  1. To improve the appearance and restore the amenities lost through neglect and erosion.
  2. To act as the spokesperson for all the local organizations& link all parties in a common goal.
  3. To employ efficiently various means of utilizing human and financial resources in order to achieve the organizations end most efficiently.

Our philosophy is that of creating a community spirit by bringing together all generations and providing for people with special needs.


  • Clean up riverbed.
  • Clean overgrown pathways.
  • Maintain old stone walls.
  • Mowing grass.
  • Strimming.
  • Repair fencing.
  • Installing flower containers.
  • Planting flowers and shrubs.
  • Planting native hardwood trees.
  • Maintaining existing and new flower beds.
  • Cleaning boundary walls and fence.
  • Clean up stretches of the Breanoge River and install weirs at intervals up along the river.
  • Landscaping and creating an amenity area on the pier
  • Installing picnic tables
  • Clear undergrowth in wooded area of Burrow Road
  • Make riverside walk accessible and safe for public use


As we were set up to represent the community our activities to date have been:

  • To lobby local council representatives about areas of concern i.e. After considerable pressure we got some very bad stretches of road resurfaced in the area.
  • Extensive hedge trimming for the summer season.
  • Using volunteers we had a big clean up of the village and surrounding districts, from collecting rubbish to painting public seating and fences.
  • We have also been in touch with the department of Justice to complain about the serious lack of Police manpower in Courtown during the summer months (this matter is ongoing).
  • We have carried out a survey of local households and business about water and sewerage problems in the area.
  • Cut back the grass from the harbour wall and clean up the area.
  • Install flowers in the lower square.
  • Plant flowers and shrubs.
  • Ongoing maintenance and upkeep of flowerbeds and containers.
  • Clean up seating, walls and bollards around the area.


Declan Dunbar C/O Courtown Post Office
Robbie Ireton of Ireton's Mobile Home.