mobile homes parks

Tourists have enjoyed coming to Courtown for years and spending their holiday in a mobile home or caravan. Nowadays mobile homes are generally owned by the individual families who in turn pays a site fee/ground rent each year. Mobile Homes can be bought on – site at any of the mobile home parks but you may need to wait as sites are not always available.

Renting a mobile home may not always be possible as the terms and conditions of many of the parks are that they do not allow "Sub-Letting". This policy came about with many of the parks in order to maintain a good family atmosphere as people get to know their neighbours and a community spirit gets built up.

We would suggeting contact the owners of the parks themselves and seeing if they can help you directly as there maybe exceptions under certain circumstances. 

A List of most of the parks is available under the "Accommodation" -> "Mobile Home Parks" menu at the top of this page.

Hope this helps!