The Harbour

Courtown Harbour was completely undeveloped until the Courtown family built the harbour back in the early 1800’s. The present pier of the harbour was built by the Courtown family as part of famine relief work in 1847. Following its completion, it soon became a thriving fishing village, and with the advent of the Dublin railway line, tourists began to arrive from 1863 onwards to visit the beaches. It was the harbour however that really put Courtown on the map.

Today The Harbour is one of Courtown’s finest features. With fishing and sailing boats anchored in the harbour, it makes for a really lovely sight. Sitting by the harbour and soaking in the holiday atmosphere that surrounds Courtown is a must. Stroll down towards the Pier Head and enjoy the breathtaking views of the sea and country side and you will even see the site of the newly erected wind mills just off the coast of Arklow.